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Welcome Houston Area business Owners!!!

      Thank you for your interest in using video to enhance your visibilty for your local business. Our team at G Wiz Your Biz™ are committed to helping local businesses to get the word out to your customers and the public that you are open.

     We have a special program to help let them know how to reach you. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please reach out to our contact form and ask about our "Houston area Local business Deals".

     The videos and mock ups are templates and can be edited.  We add your photos or videos to the template along with your logo and contact information. 

     Most of the videos can be personalized with a persons first name, last name, geocity, geostate, and we can even add a google map location for your storefront for an addtional price.  

How can you use these videos and mockUps?

  •  Post on your social media accounts
  •  Use for advertisements on social media
  •  Email marketing

Thanks for stopping by. Let us know if there is a specific business type we can add to our repertoire.  We have a very large collection that is not represented yet. 

Glena Stephenson, 

G Wiz Your Biz™

Personalized Video

We specialize in Personalizing video. We can add personalized features to any video we have. 

Hello, Houston Area Business Owners!

Our team is dedicated to helping you learn new methods for marketing your goods and services. We profide up to date information in our blogs. If there is a subject you would like to have us write about, please use our contact us form to let us know. We'll do the research and write an article. 

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