A Branding Strategy From Jason Capital
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A Branding Strategy from Jason Capital


Hi, Houston Area business owners!


Many of you did this when you created your business plan. However, we all need to re-evaluate, especially with changes in how we are conducting our busienss. 


Itʼs vitally important that we consistently assess where our business is & how we can improve our branding. Which if you remember is all about how our ideal customer or client perceives who we are & what we do!


Jason Capital uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel where he taught an insightful branding strategy that allows the business owner to get down to the detailed foundations of their brand identity.


In this blog post, we are going to break down his strategy with practical examples for you to use as a rough draft for your own answers!


Step 1: VISION

Where are you taking your ideal customer or client?

What is the long-term plan?


Three or five years from now, where do you want to take this business?


  • What does your community expect from your business or service?
  • Do you have a vision of opening an online store?
  • LIVE events?
  • Daily vlogs?


Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, I will be creating consistent

online content to build my personal brand and when I have hit $100,000 in

revenue I will put on my first weekend mastermind event which will become a yearly occurrence for the women in my community.


  • Who is against what youʼre trying to accomplish?
  • Who or what is your hater?
  • Who are your opponents in this space, the people you are going to be competing against? 

Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, women who have been in this industry for longer

than me might feel hostile against what Iʼm trying to do due to a lack of experience in their eyes. I will

overcome this by highlighting my interpersonal skills, income success & client testimonials.



-This is the how. The mechanism is the vehicle in which you are going to achieve the vision. This is how youʼre taking a customer or client from here to there.


Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, I will be serving my clients through one on one coaching

and weekly YouTube training videos. I will also interview top earning individuals in various MLMʼs to hear their

personal experiences & marketing advice.



- Think of a T-shirt & what encouraging message you could put on it that truly resonates with your vision. You want to choose an “encourager” aka a winning statement or powerful tagline that you say pretty frequently.


Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, my encouraging message will be “Sassy & Serving.”


Step 5: 3/7

- You want to choose 3-7 statements that you say repetitively (your encourager will count as one) and emphasize them in your content.


Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, a few of my powerful statements will include…

“Sassy & Serving, you can totally sell, rock the sale & confidence makes cash”


Step 6: Self Image
  • What does someone become if they are in your community?
  • What is the nickname they earn by being your customer or client?

Jason's Example: As a sales coach for MLM directors, the women who hire me will be called my queen bees.


I hope this branding strategy from Jason Capital is valuable to you!


Glad we could pass it along!


Continue taking action to create a life & business you love.

Glena Stephenson

Let Us G Wiz Your Biz



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