How To Write Your Social Media Content
How To Write Your Social Media Content
Posted By - Glena Stephenson
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How to write your social media content


Most business owners use social media as a tool to increase their brand

awareness, engage with ideal customers/clients & to generate more sales in

regards to their products or services.


Using these social platforms can be an asset to your businessʼs success. It can

seem overwhelming, which could be why many people shy away from creating

content & growing their brand online.


If you find yourself in that position of overwhelm when it comes to growing a brand

on social media, I have three helpful pieces of advice to share with you.


1.) Choose two platforms

- If youʼre a solopreneur & donʼt have a team built out, itʼs up to you to determine

what platforms you want to give your time, energy & attention to. If avoiding

unnecessary overwhelm is your intention, start by utilizing only two social media

outlets. Think of which platforms your ideal clients or customers are most likely

utilizing. Eventually, you can build out your brand to other platforms but right now,

your intention is to learn to be consistent on two that work best for you!


2.) Create your Content Compass

- A compass has four points, (N/S/E/W). Your social media content should fall

under four key points also. What four topics do you think you should talk about the

most? What topics would resonate with your ideal client or customer the best?

What topics help to build the know, like & trust factor? What topics help to clarify

who you are & what you do? When youʼve decided what your N/S/E/W is for your

content, when it comes time to post on social media, youʼll have an easier time

determining what you should share that particular day because for the most part,

it should connect with your content compass.


3.) Write your content with this formula

      1.) HOOK

           - Start off your post with a bold & intriguing headline! Make your ideal customer or

           client want to stop their scroll & read your content! Grab their attention with a few

          short words at the top of your caption.

      2.) HIGHLIGHT

           - You can break this part of your content into three main bullet points. What story

            are you telling? What opportunity are you presenting? This is what theyʼre really

            reading your content for! Give value & be a thought leader. The highlight is

            connected to your content compass.

      3.) CALL TO ACTION

          - Entice your ideal customer or client to continue interacting with your brand!

           If they liked your post, do you want them to comment what about it?

           Is there a video you want them to go watch?

           Do you want them to book a call with you?

           Remind your people that you have more to offer them!


I would encourage you to take a photo or design a graphic & write a caption using

what youʼve learned in this blog post. Post it on your social media!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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